Weight Loss Drinks

10 Best Weight Loss Teas

There are such a variety of teas out there, yet which is the most ideal for weight reduction? There are studies that show how few weight loss teas of Australia can bring in massive results. Some of these teas increase the speed of your absorption, lessen your awful cholesterol levels and can help you reduce fat cells. Weight reduction is characterized as smoldering a greater number of calories than you consume. You can accomplish this by eating not exorbitantly and all the more soundly, exercise frequently and drink some homemade weight loss teas.

The Best Weight Loss Teas of Australia:



weight loss teas of Australia

Ginger tea stimulates the appetite, processing your meal better by creating enough digestive juices that makes you quite full. It contains things like anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory effects that permits for healthy weight reduction.


Wash 1 inch of ginger root and cut them into pieces.

Boil half cup of water and include the ginger.

Cover and soak it for around 10–15 minutes.

Strain the tea and press the juice of bit of lemon into it.

Mix it well and taste it gradually.

Have it once or twice per day.


lemon tea

This tea helps for hydration and supports immunity. It has numerous supplements that battles against ailments and helps in weight reduction. Drinking lemon tea helps you to battle against the sugar yearnings and improves the body’s ingestion of cachetins, which battle against the stomach fat.


Include a teaspoon of tea powder or tea leaves to boiling water.

Permit it to bubble for 2–3 minutes and after that permit it to cool.

Strain the tea and apply a portion of lemon and nectar.

Blend it and drink this tea. Drink this tea frequently.


peppermint tea

Peppermint is a characteristic hankering suppressant. It calms the digestion so as to process sound bowel movements by calming the gastro-intestinal organs. This tea has all the vital nutrients for the body and also controls cravings, builds resistance to avert infection and helps in weight reduction.


Include a tablespoon of crisp or dried leaves to boiling water and soak it for around 5–7 minutes.

Strain the tea and after that include a bit of nectar.

Blend it and drink routinely.


pineapple tea

Pineapple tea is acquired from pineapple and is one of the world’s most consumed fruit for weight reduction. It actually controls the appetite and makes you feel full and has high water content. Pineapple tea can help you a lot with weight reduction.


Wash pineapple skin and blend with bubbling water and dried leaves.

Bubble it for around 10–15 minutes.

Strain the tea and drink as a hot refreshment.

On the other hand, leave to cool and drink it cold.

Drink routinely for reducing your weight. Pineapple tea is certainly helpful.


chamomile tea

Chamomile is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A etc. It prompts weight reduction with it’s diuretic properties and as hunger suppressants. It additionally has cathartics impact which can detoxify and uproot the waste that found in your body and goes about as a stimulant to get in shape.


Include a teaspoon of dried chamomile tea to a cup of water.

Steep for no less than 10 minutes and afterward strain.

Drink it when it is warm or chilled consistently.

Drinking this tea before every meal will create the gastric juices and helps in better digestion or before bed will give you a soothing night sleep.


senne tea

This tea is obtained from senna leaves and is considered as one of the best solutions for getting in shape. This tea enhances digestive health and can fill in as a characteristic diuretic.


Boil some half cup of water and include senna leaves or tea pack.

Mix for around 5–10 minutes.

Take out the tea pack and season it with lemon juice.

Drink this tea twice every day.



This tea is acquired from the camellia sinensis plant, the leaves are left to oxidize later on, making it unique in relation to different sorts of tea. It is undoubtedly one of the best weight loss teas of Australia. It quickens the procedure of weight reduction by boosting the digestion system rate of the body, hindering the fattening impacts of carbohydrates. It can likewise counteract stress. When it is taken with other wholesome supplements, weight can be lost all the more adequately. It is low in sodium and fat, so is a decent substitute for different weight loss shakes.


Take 1–2 dark tea sacks and plunge it in a mug of bubbling water.

Permit it to soak for around 5–10 minutes before disposing of the pack.

Include either honey or lemon squeeze or sugar to taste.

Mix it well and drink on more than one occasion a day.


Parsley Tea

Parsley tea has long been utilized as a weight reduction tea because of it’s diuretic properties. It takes out the abundance water weight in the body and makes you get in shape. It contains low calories, fat and sugar levels and it likewise has rich wellspring of vitamins such as A, C and K as well as potassium, calcium, phosphorus etc.


Heat up a pot of water and include 1/4 some parsley leaves.

Permit to bubble for around 5 minutes.

Strain the water and remove the parsley leaves.

Drink this tea 2-3 times each day.


garlic tea

Garlic is a herb that goes about as a appetite suppressant. It has the hormone leptin that diminishes the fat by accelerating the digestion system.  It likewise contains anti-oxidants as well as antibiotics in the form of allicin and phytocide which controls the cholesterol levels.  Garlic tea is very essential for your health and also helps in losing that extra weight.


Heat up some water then expel from the heat.

Include 2–3 cloves of smashed garlic.

Permit to soak for around 5–10 minutes and afterward strain the tea.

Include a tad bit of nectar and lemon squeeze and mix well.

Drink this tea regularly and it is certainly beneficial.



This tea is made from Camellia Sinensis, which has polyphenols and flavonoids that shield the body from free-radicals, which facilitate weight reduction. It controls you the appetite and is without caffeine.


Pour water more than 15gms of rooibos.

Permit to steep for around 5–7 minutes.

Strain the tea via a sieve.

Sweeten with nectar, sugar, sweeteners and some drops of lemon juice.

Mix it well and drink it regularly for weight loss.

There are many weight loss teas that you can easily make at home, they are certainly beneficial. These teas contain a greater amount of chance of reducing your weight. Rather than buying something similar from the market at a double price, you can make your own weight loss tea. Now all you have to do is take your pick from the above top 10 homemade weight loss teas of Australia.